Founded in 2004 in Cluj, Romania, as a quarrier and processor of natural stone, Resido has progressively distinguished its material, Transylvania Limestone, as a prominent element in architecture and construction. The company offers tiles, specialty flooring and wall cladding, slabs as well as cut-to-size architectural work – a broad range of decorative elements, including ornate detailing for entry gates, a complex roof design, panels, and cubic elements for archways, columns, balconies and stairs. Within just a short time after Resido’s establishment, Transylvania Limestone became synonymous with the city of Cluj, as it was chosen to decorate some of the city s prominent The National Bank Building, Piazza Matei Corvin’s Fountain and the famous statue of Lupa Capitolina.

Today, a range of traditional and contemporary limestone architecture uses Transylvania Gray Limestone, as well as many street corners in Cluj and in its surrounding cities. Over the years, Resido has completed hundreds of projects around the world, resulting in a developed and solid reputation within its sector.